Powerful video

I have been meaning to share this for quite some time. This video has been very helpful to me and to my clients. It’s so amazing how things present themselves right when we need them. It was amazing to see a theme in the last month of how many people I could share this with and that it applied specifically to their life–yet all dealing with different struggles. Powerful message.

As research has shown, our thoughts are powerful. So when we shift our thinking from “I’m [a] depressed [person]” to “I’m experiencing [sadness, depression, anxiety, frustration, grief]” then that emotion shifts which changes our behaviors as well.

Our emotional experiences do ebb and flow. Sometimes we get stuck in these emotions and can begin to feel hopeless that they will never go away. Anecdotally, I think this is when there becomes that “stuck” feeling in therapy and it can be a difficult moment to get past because somewhere along the way the feeling [sadness, anxiety, anger] has latched on and become “a part” of someone. It’s much harder to “shake off” when it’s who you are. But, if we do not identify with what brings us pain and suffering like this man suggests, perhaps it then becomes easier to overcome.

The last part I want to make note of is my favorite part of the video. I fully admit it’s probably due to the mindfulness/DBT like aspect to it. “I observe it, allow it to come, and go, without resisting it.” Radically accepting the reality of the situation. It is what it is. This is what I’m experiencing. “Huh…  hmm… Interesting…” Having curiosity about what you’re experiencing. Watching it. Observing how it feels. Riding the wave through the emotion. Allowing it to come and allowing it to go.  But not judging it. Not judging yourself for it being present.

So I encourage you now to do a body scan. This is a mindfulness skill. Sit comfortably, breathe deeply. What are you physically feeling? Tension? Relaxation? Warm? Cold? What are you feeling emotionally? Content? Sad? Anger? Anxiety? Breathe it in and breathe it out. Not judging it or yourself. It is your present moment and that is reality. Reality is okay. As the moment passes, decide what you want for your next moment. I hope you seek out something enjoyable and have a pleasant rest of your day.



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