Be Still

The idea for this blog post was sparked by a quote by Theodore Roosevelt that says, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” How often do we feel unhappy by what others have that we don’t? The old “grass is always greener” type mentality.

Not comparing oneself to those around us is easier said than done. However, if mastered (or even just a constant acknowledgment to work on this skill) this can truly be a game changer in our lives. Mindfulness (being in the moment) is a way to slow things down, savor the moment, and in turn helps us enjoy each moment. It takes the distraction and noise out of the picture and allows us to focus on one thing at a time.

Practicing mindfulness takes patience and just like any skill, takes times to do it well. So, on your way to becoming more mindful, do so non-judgmentally (such as don’t get upset at yourself when you’re unmindful). Ways to practice mindfulness include savoring a piece of chocolate, watch and observe the clouds go by, listen to an instrumental piece of music while trying to focus on all of the different instruments that you hear without getting lost in your thoughts.

For more reading about mindfulness you can check out:

As you improve in your ability to be mindful, I believe that you will find that you are better able to enjoy each moment and therefore you are able to be still and appreciate the here and now.



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